Monday, 5 August 2019




In 2016, research showed that 2.1billon GB of data is being used daily on the Internet, and 1GB is like 1,500Naira which is far higher than $1, but let us assume that 1GB is $1. That means we have 2.1Billion USD passing through the Internet daily, and what most of us use our internet for, is to share jokes on Facebook, discuss politics when we are not politicians, discuss football when we are not players. That is absurd, and it grieves my heart.


This practical step by step beginners online marketing book, is a tool meant to position you to leverage on this daily fund that flows on the internet.
Every individual should arm themselves with this attraction marketing for beginner’s step-by-step book to move their enterprise online for maximum result.

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The reason why most businesses fail in their first year of operation is that most owners have no knowledge about marketing, and this beginner’s step-by-step is an introduction to Attraction marketing, where your customers look for you and not you looking for your customers.

Purchasing this book has given you a great advantage to understand the fundamentals of modern marketing procedure as against the traditional salesman approach which is no longer viable in our society today.



I advise that you should not just read the book, but you should study and master each step to ensure you are a success in your business.

Saturday, 15 June 2019


                       PLATFORM MARKETING!!!!!!!!

Crowdfunding is the wealth of the 21century, and if you understand this, your romance with poverty will end forever. The Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM)/Networking Companies discovered this principle early and have leverage on it to create and distribute wealth among their distributors.

                                                                  CEO BJ

Wealth distribution among individuals are best achieved with MLM principle. At the peak of Economical melt down in America, MLM/Networking companies where declaring crazy profit that was shocking. That is the power of crowdfunding.

The newest Crowdfunding model that outshines MLM is Platform marketing. Amazon declared more profit than the two biggest MLM companies in the world put together. Amazon does not sale anything, rather the created a platform for people to do business.

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Uber is the biggest Taxi Company in the world, but they do not have a single Taxi, they only created a platform for people to do Taxi business in their platform.

Alibaba is the biggest online mall in the world, and they do not sale any goods, all they do is provide a platform for people to come and do business online.


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Some of us have passion in Mechanic, upholstery making, plating of hair, Printing press, comedy, Teaching etc. Have we taught of creating a platform for people of that same passion all over the country to come and showcase their goods or services for people to patronize, and as soon as this platform is accepted by the public, you will go home and continue sleeping, while your Bank Alert is beeping.

                                                Hanging out with family

It is time we entrepreneurs think outside the box. We presently have entrepreneur’s platform called the “CEO Entrepreneurship Club”. Everyone there is a chief executive office of his business, and we freely share tip, suggestion, assistance, contribution and help one another to succeed in his/her business. If you want to be a member, kindly click the link below.
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Monday, 20 May 2019



CALL TO ACTION/FUNNEL: In our Facebook Fanpage or timeline where we are building traffic to convert to customers, we should make sure that our post has CALL TO ACTION or FUNNEL to be able to build our leads.

Most of us are so excited to just give out information without ensuring that our post has either CALL TO ACTION or FUNNEL to build our leads which is the prime object.

CALL TO ACTION: This is the expected action that the reader should take after consuming the information that you posted: E.G click here to join the business, Click here to know more, Click this link to reserve your seat for the seminar etc

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                   Implementing Digital Marketing in social media

FUNNEL: This is small software that has the ability to request for a readers Name: Phone: Email ETC in exchange for something free that you offer in your post. This is the best way to build leads of your target audience. This software comes at a cost, and it has a re-occurring monthly subscription payment, which makes it expensive for a beginner. As a starter, I do not advise you to go for it when you have not start making money online. I can teach you how to build this funnel software for just 5,000Naira, or create one for you to use for just 3,000Naira. If interested, contact me via phone with my number (08034453005) at the end of the post.

                               Principle of starting a new business
Please ensure that your online post has either CALL TO ACTION or FUNNEL to ensure you are building your leads daily. The leads you build today will be your customers for the next 30-40years to come. The leads are your customers yet to patronize you. They are the people that will recommend you to others that you have never been in touch or contact with before. They are the people that will silently advertise you in their various offices, homes, clubs, villages etc.

Remember these tips, suggestions, contribution and assistance to run a successfully online business is brought to you by CEO ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB. It is an entrepreneurship platform that connect entrepreneurs together, to freely share success tips in their business with one another to ensure everyone is successful in his/her business. To know more about the Club and to join us, kindly click this link below

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Friday, 17 May 2019


                        IDLE TIME BREEDS POVERTY

My Mentor took his time to explain to me the dangers of having money in your pocket without a budget. His exact word is “Any Loose cash in your wallet/pocket must be spent”.

He advised that I should stop carrying cash around, as it gives false security, and creates a mentality limitation in your head, which plays out when you do not have cash in your pocket. Take along with you what is budgeted, and learn to move around without cash in your pocket. This is the first step of financial discipline and an emancipation from financial slavery.

The same is applicable to TIME. Resist Idle time, is like loose cash in your pocket. If you do not budget your time, you will spend it on things that will destroy you e.g Gossip, loitering, hanging around Jobless people, playing lottery, engaging in Ponzi scheme etc.

This starts from Secondary School, when students stay at home in the name of Holiday doing nothing. You will hear some say “Am waiting for Jamb” That is a very wrong mentality. There are many skills for one to acquire like

1.    Photography

2.    Computer Repair

3.    Phone Repair

4.    Graphic Design

5.    Desktop Publishing

6.    Digital Marketing

7.    Hair making

8.    Tailoring

9.    Electronic Repair

10.    Recoiling of Electric motors

11.    Plumbing

12.    Solar Installation/Inverter Installation

13.    CCTV Installation ETC

There are many skill and knowledge to acquire than being idle at home. Idleness will attract other idle people in that neighborhood, and create a meeting point to experiment foolishness like e.g Cultism, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Prostitution, Lottery staking, stealing, all social vices in the society.

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I urge each an everyone of us to eliminate idleness and pickup skills and information that can shape and remold us in other to position ourselves properly for future exploit. 

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I remain CEO BJ (An Entrepreneurship Development Expert)

Wednesday, 8 May 2019



SELF DEVELOPMENT/DETERMINATION: It is a proven fact that what defines your future is not your uptime, but your downtime. You Uptime are your routine work period of 8hours, which is mostly 8:00am – 5pm, or 9:00am – 6pm. This period is when you give out what you have to improve a system in which you are part of. While downtime is regarded as the period when you do not engage in any productive activity, which starts after close of day’s job. Most of us use our downtime to drink in bear parlour, engage in Religious/domestically chores and relax.

I urge all reading this, to indulge in this simple experiment to understand what it takes to be successful in life. Ask ten (10) friends of yours if they are interested to learn how to make extra 200,000.00Naira every month. They whole ten will chorus yes. Then place them on this simple test by given them a very simple E-book, and inform them that the steps to make that 200k is in that book, that they should take three days to go through it and study the steps, while you will come on the third day to discuss the steps in details if there is anything they did not understand. You will be shocked that 99.9% of them will give you wonderful excuses why they have not gone through the simple E-book on the third day.

This simple experiment will prove to you that success is not may wishes, it is only those that have Value for self-development and determination that emerges in all works of life as successful people.

Your self-development is mostly acquired or achieved in your downtime, that is why successful people always burn the midnight candle to develop themselves in their downtime. These days, technology has made it really simple by given us audio book and video for us to listen or watch while relaxing during our downtime and still acquire self-development

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The question is, “what do you do with your downtime?? “You want to be a successfully online business man/woman, which book have you read this year on how best to prospect online??

Which seminar have you attended, on how best to prospect online this year? What effort have you made in that direction?

Some of us will say” I don’t have time” but we have enough time to read and watch every joke post or video in our whatsapp or Facebook.


The CEO Entrepreneurship Club has successfully created an online forum to unite entrepreneurs and share knowledge and experience on how best to be successful online. You can chat me privately to add you if you are interested.

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Saturday, 20 April 2019



                               CEO BJ FOUNDER OF CEO ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB
After you have successfully built your leads, which are made up of your target audience, you will start to send newsletter to them. This newsletter could be once every week or twice every week. It must be consistent. The idea is to ensure that either your product or service which you are promoting remains in the first compartment of their decision table in case of any time they decide to patronize any goods or service of the generic of your product/service offer.

Please try and understand that result will not start immediately, but it will be trickling in at the beginning before it will get massive when your customers will start to advertise you free of charge because of the quality information and service they get from you. Remember that excellent is epidemic, if you get satisfied you will not know when you will tell others about me.

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Please do not cage your mind in just one product or niche; neither should you be jack of all trade. Both of them are bad. If you are promoting vehicle in your online presence, as you big deal, you should have other smaller deals that goes in-line with Vehicle which your skeptical target audience will like to risk their money on first before gaining full confidence on you.

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For Example, if you deal on vehicle as we said earlier, try and get a quality product on fuel consumption reduction, Know the best mechanics for each particular brand of car, Know the best Car wash that can wash your Engine without your car developing fault as a result of the engine wash etc. These are your small deals, and you get paid if they patronize any of these small deals through affiliate marketing. If your target audience try any of them and get satisfied, it will build more confidence in him to patronize your big deal, which is sale of vehicle.

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Please the example above should be tailored down to what you do online. We can assist you if you lack ideas, because our business is setting up online business for people who are our registered members. We have an entrepreneurship platform called CEO Entrepreneurship Club, where we connect entrepreneurs together in Nigeria to share tips, ideas, suggestion and assist one another in any way we can. We also have an online market place where you can own an online shop and advertise your goods and services to reach wider target audience.

Happy Easter!!!! Stay Tuned for Part 3

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Friday, 19 April 2019



We already have a good foundation that business can only thrive with customers. In the networking industry it is regarded as prospect or referral.

Before i proceed it is paramount to note that you can only do successfully digital marketing with computer and not smart phone. You should also have a very good internet modern to succeed in Digital Marketing prospecting. However, there is need to start from where you are to get to where you want to be. Do not wait till you get a laptop, you can start with cyber café, or partner with someone who has a laptop. Modern Business is built on partnership

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1. Promote and model yourself in your online presence, not your company. Let your traffic/audience build confidence in you first, not the company you are representing. The reason is that if the company goes down, you will not lose your customers/prospect. That is why your post should be Value, Life Style and Result. The comprehensive study of this topic is in my free Ebook

2. Build a lead of your target audience contact information e.g (Email and Phone number). Nigerians are just learning the process of reading their mail often, SMS are more effective to get their attention. We have good internet bulk SMS sites in Nigeria, that can send SMS as low as 85Kobo per unit, depending on the quantity you want to send. You can check the list of Bulk SMS website below. Please we are not affiliated to anyone.

3. (offers free sms too)

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1. You can build your leads by offering something free in your online presence that can interest your target audience to request to get. The offer they can get by exchanging their email and phone number. The details of this course is in my free Ebook. You can download it by clicking this link

2. You can also build a quick leads by using a trail version of a software called Xtra Pro. It extracts email from facebook of the keyword you search. For example, if you want to search Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, it will bring their emails to you immediately. The free trial version will only allow u to get 40 Emails from any search, however the paid version which is 67USD will allow u to get all the emails of any of your keyword search. You can try the trail version is free, to understand what am saying. If you need the full version, you can chat me on whatsapp +2348034453005

If you have successfully build your leads, To be Continued tomorrow in PART 2

                             CEO BJ AND FAMILY
I remain CEO BJ an Entrepreneurship Development Expect +2348034453005